We diligently avoid imposing artificially short time horizons on the businesses we own. Rather, Tinicum’s patient capital allows us to invest—and the managers of our businesses to operate—in ways that build businesses for the long-term.
Strengthening organizations
Developing new products, services, and infrastructure
Entering new and adjacent markets
Investing in equipment and systems
Globalizing sales and production
Acquiring complementary businesses

How We Operate Our Core Private Company Holdings:

We Are Active Owners We strive to be highly informed business owners, developing a detailed understanding of our businesses and their industries. We encourage managers to take a long-term perspective, work closely with them to create a shared strategic vision and business plan and empower them to execute decisively and successfully.

Re-investing in the Businesses We Own We are attracted to companies with the opportunity to profitably re-invest capital in both their existing and related businesses. Reinvesting operating cash flow and contributing additional equity to build a business over time can often be preferable to repaying debt or paying dividends.

With a “Forever” Mindset We make investment decisions based on what is right for a business in the long-term. Investments in talent, plant and equipment, new products and improved systems and processes are not deferred for “the next owner.”

Engaging Our Network We maintain a global network of executives, experts, consultants, intermediaries and lenders who appreciate our approach to business and, in many cases, work with us again and again across multiple companies. Our Operating Partners have successfully run Tinicum businesses in the past and are available as advisors and mentors to our executives.

Building Value as Partners With Management It is important to us that when we do well, our partners also do well. In every business we control, management shares in the value we create together. We always invite co-investment and provide equity or equity-linked incentives that participate in value appreciation. When our time horizon exceeds that of our management teams or co-investors, we offer liquidity opportunities at appropriate intervals.

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Tinicum empowered us. There was no red tape. They encouraged us to take reasonable risks and resources that were previously out of reach became available. Tinicum was straightforward, a class act. They bring a great deal of experience to the table. The biggest surprise working with them: our company was capable of much more than we ever thought.
Eric Roetcisoender
Manager at Western Pneumatic
(Tinicum Holding 2007-2012)