Continental Disc, LLC
Flow Control and Pressure Management

Continental Disc designs and manufactures safety-critical flow control products—including rupture discs, pressure- and vacuum-relief valves, flame and detonation arrestors, and other devices—for diverse end markets globally, including pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, and industrial markets. The company works closely with customers to ensure that its products are designed to the exact specifications required by the application. Continental Disc and its subsidiary Groth, LLC, have manufacturing operations in the US and India. Continental Disc’s strategy is to grow by expanding its product portfolio and improving internal operations and processes to better serve customers. Continental Disc also evaluates acquisition opportunities in the pressure safety and flow control industries.

Tinicum established its investment in the company by acquiring a controlling interest in the parent company of Continental Disc, Robert Family Holdings, LLC, in January 2021. Following the acquisition, Robert Family Holdings, LLC was renamed TSL Engineered Products, LLC.
Industry:Flow Control
Date of Investment:January 2021
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