Precision machining of specialty components for the semiconductor capital equipment and aerospace industries

PMI provides precision CNC machining to customers in the semiconductor capital equipment and aerospace markets. PMI’s semiconductor business manufactures motion control and optical assemblies used in critical components in semiconductor assembly equipment to micron tolerances out of hard-to-manufacture materials such as aluminum silicon carbide and titanium. PMI’s aerospace business specializes in complex actuation parts for Western airframe and engine manufacturers who supply Boeing and Airbus. PMI operates out of a 300 employee facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a 1,000 employee facility in Chennai, India. Tinicum invested in PMI in June 2023 in concert with the Todi family, who founded PMI in 1978 and remains involved in the business as both executive leadership and equity partners. Tinicum is supporting the company’s commercial relationships in the aerospace and semiconductor capital equipment markets and its accelerated organic growth plans.
Industry:Aerospace and Semiconductor Capital Equipment Manufacturing
Date of Investment:Jun 2023
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