Skyway Towers Holdings II, LLC
Wireless Tower Infrastructure for the Communications Market

In November 2005, Tinicum partnered with industry executives and Permit Capital to found Skyway Towers Holdings I, LLC (Skyway I), a wireless tower development company. The tower development process includes identifying choice locations, leasing land, obtaining necessary permits, contracting with construction companies to build towers and leasing space on completed towers to wireless communications carriers. Over seven years, Skyway I built or acquired 318 towers. In December 2012, Skyway I was sold to American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT). After divesting the Skyway I portfolio, Tinicum partnered with the same group to continue pursuing the same tower development strategy through Skyway Towers Holdings II, LLC (Skyway II). From 2012 to 2022, Skyway II built more than 420 towers. In May 2022, Tinicum sold its interest in Skyway II, LLC to Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLC.
Date of Investment:Dec 2012
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