Innovative Electric Heaters, Temperature Sensors, and Controls for Technology and Industrial Markets

Watlow, founded in 1922 and headquartered in St. Louis, MO, designs and manufactures electric heaters and temperature sensors and controls that are used in a wide variety of industries, including semiconductor capital equipment, energy and environmental technologies, medical, foodservice and refrigerated transportation. Watlow benefits from a well-known brand name, engineer-to-engineer relationships with a large installed base of sophisticated customers and a global footprint (with 14 manufacturing and development facilities and sales offices across the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia). Prior to Tinicum’s investment, Watlow was owned and managed by three generations of the Desloge family, who retain a minority equity ownership and board representation in partnership with Tinicum. The Desloge family’s decision to partner with Tinicum was influenced by our track record as a good steward of family-owned industrial businesses and our focus on building companies for the long term. In 2022, Watlow acquired Eurotherm from Schneider Electric SE. The transaction increased the company’s capabilities in temperature controls, power controls and data management devices and added a design and manufacturing presence in Europe. Going forward, we intend to continue growing Watlow by investing in its people, technology and equipment, expanding geographically and making additional acquisitions.
Industry:Electric Heaters and Thermal Controls
Date of Investment:March 2021
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